Dave Connis

Thirteen Reasons Why: Reasons Why by Dave Connis

August/Sept/Oct's Words for Words song inspired by the book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

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Click the cover to buy the book from Parnassus books!

Click the cover to buy the book from Parnassus books!

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Dave Connis - Vocals, Guitars, Production
Noah Barnett - Cello


Did you feel lost? Did you feel empty?
Did you feel all the weight calling you, to be some thing?

Did have love? The kind that's substantial?
The kind that went down the rabbit trails to keep you safe?

Cause darling I know it's a big hard world
And hurt flows like rivers coursing through or veins like purpose
Darlin I know that you're just a girl
Whose heart needs a fortress, not a place in a hopeless fight
Come back to life

Did you want love? The kind that's fulfilling? 
Because I know being a poster child, will dry you out.

Do you want freedom? Cause I know kingdom
That can give it all to you free of charge