The Serpent King: Venom / by Dave Connis

A Words song inspired by the book The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner, coming from Crown/Random House Spring 2016.

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               Click the cover to pre-order!

Dave Connis - Everything


He was the serpent king. His subjects, they prayed for him.

I am the serpent prince, yet their venom flows cold and fresh.


Copperhead shapes on my seams, but no one wants to pray for me

I used to carry a tune, I’d rather carry that than a throne

She is a global queen. Jet fuel runs through her veins

Freedom is her best friend, Her’s is a story without an end.


He was a dragon knight, he towered above the dark 

He lived where he reigned. He had no subjects, just a dream


I am not a king. No, I will never be.

Like all these stories, to each their own.

As I will be.