The Name Of The Wind: Kvothe / by Dave Connis

The Name of the Wind

May's Words for Words song inspired by the book The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

Click the cover to buy the book from Parnassus Books

Click the cover to buy the book from Parnassus Books

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I've been homeless I've weighed
Less than a homeless wage
I traveled and sang,
I've also stayed and begged.

I've had all sorts of luck,
Most of it I made myself
I've written songs for the sun
I've met a girl who's bright still

I've lost it all, I've gained it all, then lost it all again. I've sung it all, played it all, I've had all kinds of different friends, and there are monsters who tell me to sing a different kind of song

I've got all kinds of names,
But somehow I'm bloodless
I've got all sorts of fame,
Most of it I've made

Help me find what I've lost,
Not the dead, but the cost
I'm always looking for truth
But I've turned over all the rocks

I've got a quiet inn,
I serve food and ale
I've locked the legends in
But they stir me still.