Legend: The Nobody Anthem / by Dave Connis


An April Words for Words song inspired by the Legend series by Marie Lu.

Click the cover to buy it from Parnassus Books!

Click the cover to buy it from Parnassus Books!

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Special thanks to Jenna Clare for her vocalness!


D: Oh my family, this plague's been killing me

The way I can't hold you, the way I can't give you everything

J: Oh my brother please, don't take love when you leave.

Now I can't hold you, now I can't save you and me.


If I can be a legend(prodigy/champion) then I will find a way through the dark.

If I can live a new day, then maybe it's the day our world restarts.


D: It seems unfair to me, all this poverty

It's not a matter of politic it's just the way it's always been.

J: Oh the way I breathe, and all the things I see

None of it makes sense, not even my Republic creeds




Oh my city, my love and all who need

It's time to fight for all of it, time to shake our bindings free.



If I would ever lose you, I would always feel like somethings lost.

We're something sacred, a better way to make it through the dark.


D: Oh the cost of free, the loss is haunting me

Then I see your face, and I know I've found everything.