The Temptation of Adam Is Available for Pre-Order! by Dave Connis

Hey everyone!

Some exciting news came out last week and I'm just now able to sit down and write a post about it. I'm going to save my sappy "the journey's been hard" haikus for when the book releases, but for now here's a few quick reasons pre-ordering my book helps me, and a sugary finish of a pre-order haiku I call, "Click On the haiku to Pre-Order The Temptation of Adam"

1. Pre-ordering helps chances of getting on bestseller lists

The first week of book sales is a big week, and all pre-orders count toward the first week's sales numbers. With a few mysterious exceptions, bestseller lists are typically based on a single week’s sales. Having pre-orders wrapped into the first week gives me the best chance of hitting a bestseller list.

2. A lot of pre-orders can make booksellers increase orders

Easy principle here. If a lot of people are buying a book upfront, then it shows signs for good movement after the book comes out. People want book, people buy book. Stores see that people want to buy book. Stores buy more book.

Winning the day in three easy steps

(sweetening the deal with a pre-order giveaway!) 

Step 1: Love me and pre-order The Temptation of Adam.

Step 2: Take a screenshot of your pre-order, tag me, share on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Step 3: I send you a in-progress demo of from the Temptation of Album and enter you in a giveaway for one of five Temptation of Adam Knights of Vice Forman Pottery handmade mugs.*

I call this haiku, "Click On the Haiku to Pre-Order The Temptation of Adam"

Finally, you can

Pre-order my book. Okay?




1. Emma Jones

2. Crystal Holland

3. Andrew Shaughnessy

4. Sarah Huff

5. Mason Hall

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