GOOD LAWD! I GOTSUM NEWS! / by Dave Connis

Hey Gentlemens and Ladies,

I'm horrible at blogging/updates/anything that has nothing to do with writing fiction. Sorry, not sorry. However, the recent weeks have been filled with many exiting stomach butterflies and embarrassing giggles because I have some news.

At the beginning of May, I sent a literary agent named Eric my newest completed book, SUGGESTED READING. On May 13th, he emailed me back and said "let's talk." Of course, I said, "Okay, I'll pencil you in" even though I looked like this:

We talked, and from the outset I knew we'd work hella well together. Over the last few weeks, he's continued to prove that to me, which is why, today, I can make the announcement that I've officially signed with agent Eric Smith (in my phone as Agent Smith) of P.S. Literary! 



I know while reading this, most of my family, and many of my freinds, will probably say something like this, "Yay! That's so great! What does that mean?" and others who are neither friend nor family (there's still time for us to be the former! The latter is off the table, sorry. Already married) are probably curious as to what happened between when I started writing and now. I'm very literally the middle of moving. So, when I get settled, I promise to write some non-fiction that will answer such questions.

Until then, go follow Eric on twitter. He's so much better at tweeting than I am, and, not that you need another reason, he has a corgi named Auggie that will melt your face with cuteness.