The Temptation of Adam Companion Album / by Dave Connis

Why just write a book when you could write a book and an album about the book?

That's thought I've had since I started writing seriously in 2011, and when I announced the sale of my debut novel, The Temptation of Adam, I knew that it was time to dew the dew. Nike the ish out of some ish. 

Write a companion album for my book.

This album is going to be a stretch for both me and the musicians helping me. Why? Here are some reasons:

- Most guest singers and musicians are all going to be recorded long distance.

- The album isn't going to be acoustic guitar based...which I've never done before.

- We're practicing to record, not practicing to play a show.

The list goes on.

Because this album is such a new process, I wanted to make the whole thing transparent for others to watch. That also means that information about the album (who's playing, song names, sound bites of what we've come up with) will be released slowly over time. I don't know if anyone will care to watch, but maybe I'll be surprised. Sometimes I think the things I make are as interesting to others as watching a pot boil and paint dry simultaneously. 

All of the videos, sound bits, and whatnot will be compiled on my blog. If you don't already, follow me on Twitter for updates.

All this to say, I invite you guys (the ambiguous they) to be a part of the process.