Hurts & Joys Released! (what else can you expect from / by Dave Connis

Hey All, HERE is the link to download my new album. It's completely free, the only thing I ask is that you share the album and my site with your friends. I need help growing and that is the main way for me to expand.

By now, I'm hoping you've read the introductory post to get an idea of what this site is going to be used for. If you have, your next question should be "so what's going on here?" 

Well for your gratification, I've made a list of things that will be happening on the site for the next six months: 

1. A Woodland comic posted every other Wednesday.

2. A humorous monthly news recap.

3. Just because I've released an album doesn't mean I'm not making music, watch out for random songs here and there, and probably some covers. 

4. Every once in a while, I'll get modern and un-unique and post some of my thoughts on a specific topic.  

5. I typically have to warm-up my brain before I start writing for the day and I do that via random stream-of-consciousness. I'll post the best ones of the week here on Saturdays.

6. I have many more ideas that you will just have to check back for! 

For now, this is what is planned. I have a ton more ideas, but those will come and go. So, I guess the only way for you to know is to check back with me every once in a while.

Remember to spread the word!


Dave "Coin Handler" Connis