The Beginning (Kind of) / by Dave Connis

Welcome to my website!

I hope to replace Facebook with this site as a more professional way of keeping everyone up-to-date with what is going on with my creations and whatnot. This space will be the main place where I will post news about the progress of my books, music and such. Isn't that great?

You: News? I don't need news. This is America, Dave. I want to be entertained! Ain't no body got time to care about your day-to-day book progress.

Me: Oh, I know that. That's why I have a few things planned for this place to keep you coming back.

You: If it's anything less than a daily thousand dollar give away, I'm not ever coming back.

Me: Not even for a weekly cartoon about a brother and a sister chosen to run the forest realm?

You: Well...I don't... 

Me: Not even for cover videos? or my daily stream-of-consciousness writing warm ups?

You: I guess that could be funny... 

Me: Not even for free music? 

You: ...... 

That's what I thought.

Talk to you soon,

Dave "Hot Wing" Connis