Whats Brewing In The Studio During the Holidays / by Dave Connis

Hey all,

I've been quiet, I know. I promise stuff is on it's way.

Here is an update on what's coming:

- The Fault In Our Stars Project went swimmingly. We filmed and recorded it two weeks ago and it is being made into video as we speak. The whole process was amazingly fun. The musicians I worked with were amazing and I'm so stoked to share the songs with everyone. I'm aiming to start releasing the videos (there will be three) next weekend.

- Novels...so...in the last four months I've written four manuscripts (by written I mean rough drafts): 1. Exodus, a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Young Adult. 2. In Pursuit of Lillian Gardner, a New Adult (In my opinion it's a fad genre, but it worked for me in this particular MS) Contemporary. 3. The Wayfarer, a YA Adventure/Contemporary. 4. The Semi-Secret Files of The Intergalactic Department of Security, a Middle Grade, Sci-Fi. This outpouring of manuscripts is why I've been quiet. Clara, my wife, is making me slow down and edit the ones I have, which I really need to do.

- The holiday book I've been saying I'll post turned into a novel, number four, and I'm trying to get that done before Christmas is over. I don't want to give you a piece of shit, but I don't have time to edit it as much as others if I really want to get it out there in time.

- Songs are piling up. When I "finish" a manuscript I will probably start conceptualizing an album/EP of some sort.

- I'm going to rearrange the site a little bit to make it less dense, not sure when but I'm thinking through how I want to do that.

- I keep thinking of blog posts to write about, but honestly I'd rather spend my writing time writing my books. Sucks, maybe someday when other jobs aren't vying for my time I'll blog more. 

Hope everyone has a great Christmas! When something happens here I'll let you know.

Dave "ADD" Connis