What's Brewing In The Studio / by Dave Connis

Hey Everyone! 

I've been silent lately, but there are a few reasons. I've decided to switch my updates to every other week so I don't overwhelm my subscribers. I've also been writing two new novels. The first is a YA Fantasy, and the second a NA Contemporary. I'm going to be finishing the NA some time in this coming week and immediately after pick up the YA again. I'm also starting to outline a YA Christmas serial that I'm going to be posting chapters of on here during the holidays. On top of all that, my last explosion of songs, Hurts & Joys, has subsided and other songs and ideas are starting to collect on scraps of paper and in my iPhone. I probably won't do another album for a while, but it might be the case that I start working on an four or five song EP within the next month or so. Also, my band, Sonder, is nearing a place where we are all caught up on the same songs. I don't know what that means, but hopefully it means shows more frequently, and other such things.

As for Woodland, our illustrator, Corban Brauer, is getting married today, so Jinny, Dax, Fox and Otter requested the last two weeks off to help him with his wedding. The adventures will continue after the after party. Corban, the Woodland Realm wishes you a happy marriage! 

I'll end with some GOOD NEWS! Agents are considering Zed for representation. This is a huge encouragement for me.  However, they could still say no. For those of ya'll that are the praying type, please pray that someone falls in love with the story and says yes. I'm really tired of trying to talk people into believing in me. I know I can do this, and that I'm supposed too do this, so someone saying yes would grow me as a writer 100x100, as well as move my list of waiting manuscripts toward publication. Also, pray that I can wait well. I've become a compulsive phone checker, which is a horrible disease.

Sorry for the lack of material on the site (but not really). I'll hopefully be posting something entertainy next week. Until then, peace an' blessin's.


Dave "Teenage Girl Who Is Always On Her Phone" Connis