How to get an answer from a "no response means no" query. by Dave Connis

The black hole. The vacuum. The dementor.

AKA the "no response means no" query. 

This query is a painful adversary to progress and hope. You submit and then continue to refresh your inbox until your skeleton is sitting in the dusty dystopian wastes of the USA, finger still hovering over your mouse.

Well, I have some good news for you, queriers. When I was in the querying stage, I figured out a easy way to get an answer from the "no response means no" queries, and it gave me mass amounts of sanity, and all you need is an active gmail account.


Step 1: Download and install the gmail integration CRM (Customer Resource Manager) called STREAK. Don't worry, Streak isn't some spammy thing that fills inboxes with random junk. It's a handy tool that allows you to track when an email is opened. It doesn't effect the receiver in anyway.

Step 2: Once Streak is installed, go to the gmail inbox that you send your queries from.

Step 3: Enable the email tracking feature, which can be found by clicking on the Streak text up in the right hand corner of your inbox and going to settings. When you enable email tracking, you'll receive a email notification from Streak when your email was opened. 

Step 4: Send a query from your email tracking enabled inbox. When the "no response means no" agent opens it, you'll get a notification in your inbox saying when they checked it out. In my experience, if I didn't hear from the "no responser" within a few weeks after I received the Streak notification that they opened my query, then it was a pass and I crossed them off my query list.

That's it! All you have to do is install Streak and get moving to add a few grams of sanity back into your life.

A few quick tips on using email tracking for queries: 

- Be sure to use the tracking responsibly. Agents don't know you know, so it's best to let them do their thing as if you didn't have the tracking at all. 

- Be respectful and refrain from sending emails to the agent after you get a notification with something like, "I know you opened it, why haven't you emailed me?" Email tracking should be used simply to help give you closure and keep your query tracking more accurate. It shouldn't be used to push agents into responding to you sooner. If you do use it to push outside of the agent's follow up preferences, it will likely hurt you more than help.

- Of course, make sure you've done your querying research before querying any agent!

Hope this helps!